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Make Your Home Accessible This Holiday Season

If you have elderly or disabled friends and family, you know that accessibility is key during the holiday season. This blog will teach you how to make your home more accessible this season, from selecting the right decorating materials to ensuring your home is properly lighted and heated. Whether you’re a first-time home decorator or you just want to make sure your home is fully accessible this year, read on for helpful tips and advice!

Accessibility for All: How Eliminating Barriers Benefits Everyone

A diverse business team poses for a photo in the office

Everyone deserves access to the same opportunities, regardless of disability. This is accessibility for all, a principle that should be adhered to in all aspects of life. From businesses and governments to hospitals and schools, eliminating barriers for people with disabilities is key to ensuring that everyone has an equal chance at success.

Amramp featured on WCVB News Made in Mass

Doug Meehan - WCVB. Made in Mass

With an aging population, many in their later years struggle with mobility issues. In fact, by some statistics, nearly one in every 200 people need some kind of accessible ramp for their home. In this segment of Made in Mass, Doug Meehan introduces us to Amramp Accessibility, a local company that has made its mission to help people find their forward.

      Download this great guide for your clients to choose the ramp that best meets their needs.
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