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The best in class wheelchair ramp

Noteworthy features:

The best in class wheelchair ramp in North St, Randolph
The Model of wheelchair ramp at Randolph, MA


A handrail on both sides of
the ramp provide stability for
anyone who struggles with stairs
and, for safety, keeping
from falling off the ramps.

Handrails are required on all
wheelchair ramps over 6 feet
long or over 6 inches high.
That means ramps for two
or more steps will require
handrails for safety and
stability, and the top handrail
should be mounted between
30 and 34 inches above the ramp.


Rails are extended over the end
of the ramp to provide
a grip
for people using a wheelchair as
they approach the ramp.


A platform at the door provides
a level surface to turn around
or stop to open the door without
falling back on the sloped ramp.

The platform is designed to extend 2
feet beyond the door to allow the
door to swing open and provide
a safe space for someone in a wheelchair.


The Amramp surface allows moisture
to pass through and prevents puddles,
snow, ice and mold build up.

Wood, aluminum and concrete are
solid surfaces which allow moisture
to accumulate and become dangerous
in certain weather conditions.

Amramp offers the most slip resistant
ramp available.


According to the
Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA), a safe wheelchair ramp
should have a maximum slope
of 1 foot for every inch of rise
and should be at least 36 inches wide.

For example, if you have 3 stairs
that are each 7 inches high, the
wheelchair ramp should be at
least 21 feet long.

See our simple guide: How we measure

Other wheelchair ramp features include:

  • Slip resistant

    A mesh design with a raised grip surface and Amramp Grip coating that provides extra stability with dispersed particles in the paint.

  • 5 foot by 5 foot surface

    Installments that land on a clear, level, solid, 5 foot by 5 foot surface to allow for turning in a wheelchair.

  • Fire resistant

    Fireproof materials that provide safe exit in an emergency versus materials such as wood which can fuel a fire or aluminum which can melt from heat.

  • ADA compliant

    The ADA guidelines are a starting point for all ramp designs and installation.

  • Black powder coating

    Black color that induces self-defrosting of the ramp surface in snow and icy conditions

Why Amramp is your best choice:

  • Locally owned and operated

    Amramp is locally owned and operated. With over 50+ locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, we always have a team in your area who is able to serve you.

  • Trained specialists

    Amramp’s representatives are factory-trained accessibility specialists in ramp design and installation.

  • Installation is quick and easy

    We can usually install the wheelchair ramp within 24-48 hours after we receive your approval – any time of the year. We do not usually need building permits and since we do not need to excavate your property we can install in almost any weather – even in winter!

  • Free evaluations

    We provide a free evaluation and consultation to determine what ramp is best for your needs. During this time we will measure your property, show you pictures of homes with similar situations and be available to answer any questions you may have about our products.

  • Customers love us

    Customers rate us an average 5 stars out of more than 700 nationwide reviews

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