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Liz’s Story

Liz had an accident about a year ago.

After her initial hospitalization and rehab, she returned home using a wheelchair. Except for several medical appointments, Liz has not been out of her house for nine months.

There are only a few steps at both the front and back entrances of Liz’s home, but those steps can feel like Mt. Everest to Liz sitting in her wheelchair.

Liz misses being able to play with her granddaughter, Maggie, in the backyard. The two of them built such a strong bond together, but Liz feels vulnerable, afraid and reluctant to make play dates with Maggie.

Marjorie, Liz’s daughter, found the answer – a wheelchair ramp from Amramp.

The Amramp Team came in an installed the ramp at Liz’s back door so she can safely and easily access her patio and driveway.

The ramp re-opened Liz’s world to a whole new world of independence again and Liz Found Her Forward!

Liz can’t to do cartwheels anymore, but she can still give and get hugs and kisses from her beautiful little granddaughter again.

Liz never gave up. She just needed some direction and Amramp was there to help her and move her forward.

What is your Forward?

Your Forward is what makes you get up in the morning. What moves you to move on.

For people with mobility concerns, it could be wanting to spend time with children or grandchildren, like Liz…wanting to continue to be part of the community… sometimes just returning to normal daily activities like gardening, painting, meeting with a friend…or just being able to have the independence go outside to get the mail every day by yourself.

What moves you?

How can Amramp help you Find Your Forward?

We would love to hear and share your story on how your ramp, stair lift or other accessibility product
from Amramp helped to move you forward.

What are you looking forward to this year?

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