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An accessible bathroom remodel

The roll in shower equipment

No plumber required

When someone experiences a loss of mobility, they often need help to access the bathroom for toileting and bathing.

What are your alternatives?

Amramp offers two safe and affordable solutions to end sponge bathing with our Amramp Portable Roll-in Shower and the Shower & Tub Transfer Systems from Amramp.

Indoor portable wheelchair showers are an ideal solution for temporary needs, and when home bathroom renovations may not be an option. The set-up is easy and the feature gives users easy access and independence while showering.

Use anywhere warm water is available in the home. No plumber required.

  • Adapts to existing faucet
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Can be easily stored between uses
  • Don’t settle for a sponge bath
  • Reduce risk of infection and skin damage by rinsing the skin with fresh, clean water
  • Removes soap better than a sponge bath
  • Save the caregiver from back injuries

Shower to tub transfer

The Shower & Tub Transfer Systems provide a safe way people with limited mobility to maneuver in the bathroom. This system will turn your existing shower or tub into an accessible bathroom that allows you to enjoy showering again without the excessive cost, delay, and stress of a full bathroom remodel.

  • This system is made of aluminum which will not rust when in direct contact with water
  • Height adjustability on rolling base and shower base- allowing for use in a variety of shower stall sizes
  • Rolls over some toilets- allowing for “no mess” alternative to commode usage
  • Custom bridge sizes are available- allowing for use in a variety of bathroom sizes and configurations

Speak to a local expert

Your local Amramp accessibility expert can help guide you in selecting the appropriate products that can allow you, a loved one, or your client to remain safely in their home for as long as possible. Let our years of experience work for you. When you buy home accessibility products from Amramp you buy a solution and not just a product.

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