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Amramp recognizes ALS Awareness Month

The ALS Awareness words in Randolph, MA

May is ALS awareness month, and since Amramp works with so many individuals and families who have been affected by this disease, we want to recognize all the work that advocates are doing to find a cure.

ALS, short for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a neurological disease that causes muscle weakness and impacts the way our bodies physically function. Only 5% of ALS cases are familial, meaning that the disease was inherited genetically. This means that 95% of ALS cases are sporadic. It can affect anyone, anywhere.

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Amramp Hosts ALS Association Representatives for Factory Tour

Last Friday, we had an opportunity to host several guests from the ALS Association, Massachusetts Chapter – Jan Obermann, Shannon Wheeler and Margie Ware – here at our South Boston headquarters. We have worked with the ALS Association for many years to install wheelchair ramps and other accessibility products for their families.

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