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Leading Ramp Manufacturer and Accessibility Products Provider Names New CEO Boston, Mass., November 18, 2020 – Amramp is proud to announce that Justin Gordon has been named the second Chief Executive Officer in the company’s history. In 1998, Justin’s father Julian Gordon founded Amramp, a family-owned small business. Under Julian’s direction, Amramp has grown into … Read more

October is Long-Term Care Planning Month

  Long-term care planning month is designated mostly for seniors to take some time to think about their plans and goals for the future and especially how their health and well-being might affect those plans. October is a good time to do a home assessment to make sure everything in and around your home is … Read more

Wheelchair Ramps from Amramp Can Withstand Hurricane-Strength Winds

With the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season now in full swing, Amramp recently produced a video that reveals how steel wheelchair ramps installed by Amramp professionals are durable enough to stand up to extreme weather events. The launch of the video coincides with the eight year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy which struck the East Coast in … Read more

Make Your Business More Accessible With a Commercially Compliant Wheelchair Ramp or Platform Lift from Amramp

If you’re looking to make your business more accessible to people with mobility challenges, contact your local Amramp expert today to learn about our commercially compliant wheelchair ramps as well as our vertical and inclined platform lifts. KEEP PROJECTS OPEN AND ACCESSIBLE DURING CONSTRUCTION AND RENOVATIONS Commercial Wheelchair Ramps, Stairs, Walkways, Surfaces, Wheelchair Lifts and … Read more

Making Your Outdoor Restaurant Accessible for People with Limited Mobility

In most areas of the country restaurants have been allowed to open for outdoor dining. Some parks and recreation areas are open as well. People normally enjoy outdoor dining but after COVID-19, your customers are very appreciative and looking forward to be able to enjoy a meal outside of their homes. While there are some … Read more

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