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Wheelchair Ramp Safety in Snow

L-shaped modular wheelchair ramp at front entrance of a home during snowstorm
Amramp modular wheelchair ramp open mesh surface allows snow and moisture to pass through to prevent dangerous and slippery ice film from forming.

Amramp’s Patented Wheelchair Ramp Surface Improves Safety and Accessibility in Wintery Conditions

There are winter weather warnings almost all over the country already and winter only officially starts today yet. With all we’ve been through this year, it’s important to stay safe and out of a hospital or medical facility from a slip and fall accident. Take the necessary precautions now to ensure that winter weather does not create dangerous slippery and unsafe conditions for those with mobility concerns and their caregivers.

Rent a Ramp for Winter

Did you know that you could rent a wheelchair ramp just for the winter months, to protect someone who uses a wheelchair or walker and their caregiver from slipping or falling on icy steps or walkways.

Amramp’s strong, durable steel ramps are made with patented Amramp-Grip technology, featuring an open mesh surface that allows water to pass through to prevent dangerous and slippery ice film from forming. The raised edge of the surface also makes it easier for wheelchair wheels to grip, allowing for safer navigation. Other ramps made from aluminum, wood, or concrete have solid surfaces, which allow moisture to accumulate and ice over in below-freezing temperatures. The Amramp-Grip technology is unique, and it offers the most slip-resistant surface available on the market today.

Our ramps are free standing and do not require footings so they can be installed in almost any kind of weather.

L-shaped modular wheelchair ramp at front entrance to home after heavy snowstorm.
Amramp wheelchair ramps can be installed in almost any type of weather because they are free-standing and do not require footings.

How to keep your wheelchair ramp as a safe and secure means of entry and exit, especially in snow and other severe weather conditions.

Special Caution for Safe Wheelchair Ramps in Wintery Weather

  • Because ramps are inclined – rain, ice and snow may cause slippery conditions. Wear winter boots when walking on a ramp, especially when pushing a wheelchair.
  • Keep the ramp surface clean and unobstructed – free of leaves, branches, decorations, rugs and trash.
  • Use a broom or a plastic shovel to clear off your ramp – do not use a metal shovel.
  • Do NOT use salt de-icer on your Amramp ramp. Use a liquid de-icer. Amramp recommends Bare Ground Liquid De-Icer which should be available at your local hardware store or call us to order.

Amramp is proud to offer our customers the safest ramps currently available for all weather conditions.

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