Amramp Accessibility

Wheelchair Ramp Safety in Snow

Amramp’s Patented Wheelchair Ramp Surface Improves Safety and Accessibility in Wintery Conditions There are winter weather warnings almost all over the country already and winter only officially starts today yet. With all we’ve been through this year, it’s important to stay safe and out of a hospital or medical facility from a slip and fall … Read more

Six Tips to Help People with Mobility Challenges

As we all face the considerable challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Amramp would like to share the following tips to help people with mobility challenges and their caregivers to prevent, as much as possible, the spread of the coronavirus. Educate Yourself About COVID-19 Prevention Be aware of COVID-19 symptoms and contact your health … Read more

Amramp Helps Stroke Survivors with Limited Mobility to Live Safely in Their Homes

As part of its public education campaign to educate people about the debilitating effects caused by strokes, the American Stroke Association’s website offers free resources for people to learn more about the disease, including the warning signs to recognize if a loved one suffers a stroke. The month of May is National Stroke Awareness Month … Read more

Amramp Can Provide Wheelchair Ramp Solutions for People Working from Home

As we all face the considerable challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Amramp is doing everything possible to serve people with mobility challenges who are working remotely through our wide range of accessibility solutions for home exteriors. By taking precautions to ensure safety for all – from creating social distancing space to enhanced cleaning … Read more

Rent a Ramp from Us for Graduation Ceremonies and Other Temporary Events

Organizers are faced with a wide range of logistical challenges when it comes to planning events like festivals and fairs, concerts, weddings and graduation ceremonies. These challenges include making sure everyone in the community who wants to attend the event is able to do so. Renting a temporary ramp system from Amramp is the most … Read more

Historic Hollywood YWCA Now Accessible with Wheelchair Ramps from Amramp

The Amramp Los Angeles team installed two wheelchair ramps to provide accessibility to the YWCA Transitional Housing facility in Hollywood. This will help the homeless population as they transition from the streets to temporary housing. At the YWCA women will receive counseling and assistance to help them transition to permanent housing. Amramp installed commercial commercially … Read more

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