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Join AMRAMP at the 2019 AASC Conference

This year’s American Association of Service Coordinators (AASC) National Conference will be held in Denver. Amramp will be on site to demonstrate products at the conference which will be exploring innovation and creative solutions, Navigating the Future of the field. 

Service coordinators play an essential role in affordable housing communities. They combine knowledge of healthcare with social work and community management. Service workers are liaisons between the average person and the bureaucracy that is often involved with getting access to supportive services and resources. The aging population and those with limited mobility rely upon the help of service coordinators most heavily. Service coordinators help their clients gain access to services and assistance that they are entitled to. With their help, limited mobility adults are able to keep their independence and stay in their own homes.

This is a thoroughly practical field, and at the National Conference professionals gather to network, gain new knowledge, and learn the best new practices to apply to real-life situations.

The Keynote Speakers this year are:
  • Derreck Kayongo: founder of the Global Soap Project and CEO of the Center for Civil and Human Rights. He is passionate about helping others and innovative thinking, to solve the problems of tomorrow and transform lives
  • Kevin Adler: founder and CEO of Miracle Messages, a nonprofit organization that reconnects our neighbors experiencing homelessness with loved ones. His work focuses on surviving shared trauma and bringing people together

Service coordinators are the unsung heroes of many communities. They work with people and organizations to make sure that every individual has what they need to navigate their lives without complications. Amramp offers a wide range of products that can help service coordinators in this work. Amramp accessibility products are designed to help limited mobility peoples maintain their independence and remain in their own homes and communities.


Connect with other service professionals at the AASC conference, and don’t forget to stop by the Amramp booth!


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