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Amramp & Canine Companions: The Perfect Match!

In 2014, Amramp helped with installing ramps for Canine Companions for Independence as they were celebrating their quarterly graduation ceremony. This emotional ceremony involved highly-trained dogs that have been working towards becoming assistance dogs to support those with disabilities. Both of these organizations are working towards a common goal of allowing those with disabilities to have more independence and confidence!

11 installations later, and the bond between these two service-driven companies has only gotten stronger. Since they are both working to enhance the lives of those with disabilities, it seems like a perfect match. Leslie Morgan, Amramp Austin, Texas, General Manager, is glad to be by Canine Companion’s side as they truly make a difference. “They have helped so many people and everyone volunteers their time and this service is free to the recipients,” said Morgan, “They make such a difference in so many lives. Plus, they have been doing this for over 40 years!”

With Canine Companions for Independence being the largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs and worldwide-recognition, it only makes sense for them to be paired up with a company that strives only to provide the best for its customers. Working with Canine Companions allows Amramp to work towards their goal of helping to increase accessibility for the most vulnerable members of society. Each emotional graduation ceremony is a reminder to all those involved that by working together to provide such a moving experience is life-changing.  “The joy and help the canines bring to the handicapped person is truly amazing,” said Morgan.

Another upcoming graduation this month means another opportunity for service dogs to be expertly paired with a handicapped individual to help serve their unique needs. These two organizations will continue to work together to contribute immensely to the disabled community in hopes of making life accessible for all!


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