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Amramp Celebrates Determination: Warrior Games

Amramp believes that every person has the ability to find their forward momentum, even if it means taking a step away from what holds them back. Our goal at Amramp is helping you do just this by providing quality products with excellent customer service in order to propel your life towards success!

From a grandmother who just wants to get out of the house and spend time with the family to a wounded veteran who wants to play sports again, “Finding Your Forward” has the same meaning; the determination and will power to do what moves you into action despite what you think holds you back.

We’re always on the lookout for extraordinary people who display the determination and motivation to move past the obstacles – this is why we showed up at the 2022 Warrior Games held at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort.

We were very proud to support and celebrate the resiliency and dedication of more than 200 wounded and injured active duty and veteran U.S. military service members who clearly displayed their “Forward” being found.

What moves you?

How can Amramp help you Find Your Forward?

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from Amramp helped to move you forward.

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Video transcript:

speaker 1
The atmosphere is amazing. There’s a lot of amazing athletes here from every branch, other countries. It’s just really cool to be in a place with like-minded veterans. You know, this shows that your career isn’t over after you retire or when, once you get injured.

I’m Jason Smith, not the amputee, Jason Smith.

I love life.

speaker 2
I been for Olympic after for 30 years. So I just know what it takes, all the pain of the mental support that you have to use.

speaker 3
It wasn’t about the metal. It had nothing to do with the metal. It was about meeting everybody at meet a goal. And I met that goal with just being cool, captain, your team, Canada, but this medal just makes it the top.

speaker 1
It’s the platform for me to kind of train with some more elite level athletes. And I feel like I did pretty well today. I can do better and I’m looking forward to next year.

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