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Amramp Delivers Christmas Gift for Knoxville Resident

A few weeks ago, Dave Taylor and Tim Rash of Amramp Eastern Tennessee received a call to remove a wheelchair ramp they had installed for a short-term rental in the Knoxville, TN area.  When they were removing the ramp, they were asked if they could go next door to evaluate the home of their mother, who was 88 and was having trouble navigating the steps in her garage.  Of course they did so, and had the pleasure of meeting one of the nicest people you could ever meet. 

When discussing the potential wheelchair ramp with her daughters later that week, one of them sent Dave and Tim a note:

“For the record, my 88 year old mother still believes in Santa.  So, I am sure you will not disappoint her and help me get this in by Christmas.”

The family came together to purchase the ramp, which was installed yesterday in her garage. She is extremely happy with the ramp, and particularly likes the sturdy handrails, as she uses a cane to get around.  Now she will be able to enjoy the Christmas holiday with her family. All installations are very rewarding; this one, however, is right up at the top for Dave and Tim!

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