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Amramp franchisee Pathfinder Services a beacon for all in Northeastern Indiana

With a population at about 20,000 people, Huntington may seem like just another Northern Indiana small town. Perhaps one of the more striking aspects is its commitment to residents and to those living in surrounding counties who have disabilities.


Pathfinder Services, as it’s been known since 1981, actually started in 1965 and is dedicated to fostering opportunities for people with disabilities: group homes, supported living, community integration, and employment services.


Integration is a key component, as its Kids Kampus programs illustrate. Started in 1973 as a preschool for special needs children, and it’s since expanded to provide for 120 children of all abilities and income levels.


The newest Pathfinder Services Inc. expansion is an Amramp franchise, providing modular wheelchair ramps throughout Northeastern Indiana.


One Amramp owner exemplifies how Pathfinder brings multiple resources to help a family in need.


As Robert Martin approaches age 4, his mother, Debra Roush, finds it increasingly difficult to get them both outside. Martin has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and uses a pediatric wheelchair.


Amramp’s modular wheelchair ramp eliminates the struggle of getting Martin’s pediatric wheelchair up a flight of steps leading into the home. Martin participates in Pathfinder’s Kids Kampus program, which lead the Pathfinder Foundation to donate an installed ramp.


According to the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation, “People with SMA either never acquire, or progressively lose, the ability to walk, stand, sit, and eventually move.” Yet “children with SMA undergo normal intellectual and emotional development and can participate in many childhood activities.”


And for this, Amramp honors Pathfinder Services: Roush told The Huntington Herald-Press newspaper, “Things have never come easily like this for us, or just given to us. I’m so thankful.”

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