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Amramp Installs 174-Foot Ramp at Boston’s Historic Faneuil Hall Rotunda

Faneuil Hall Chooses Amramp for Full Accessibility During Elevator Upgrades

Can anyone provide a temporary ramp for wheelchair access to the second level of the mall?

It was a big job, but Amramp of Boston was more than up to the task.

The Commerce Center Mall at Faneuil Hall is currently undergoing elevator changes that will eliminate essential wheelchair access to the second-level shops. Management contacted Amramp for a solution that would comply with codes and not impact the historic space in any way.

The Commerce Center Mall is one of Boston’s premier shopping, dining, and tourism hotspots, as well as a major historic landmark attracting 100,000 visitors daily.

In less than 48 hours after authorization to proceed, Amramp began producing engineering and City of Boston building permits. Work began over the weekend and by working 12 hours each day, the ramp was completed exactly on time. The City of Boston Building Department approved the stamped engineering plans and issued a work permit. By Monday, the Amramp team had already started installing the 174-foot ramp, spanning 14’8″ in elevation.

The ramp is crucial, not just for complying with the Americans With Disabilities Act, but without a ramp to the second floor, all of the shops would have closed for at least a month. Faneuil Hall attracts 100,000 visitors daily, rain or shine: Closed shops incur significant damage to shops’ sales – and lost revenue for one of Boston’s premier landmarks.

The installation team worked 12-hour days to get the job completed. The installation started Monday, finishing up at 2 PM on Friday. Chief installer Brad Blakeman worked with two crew chiefs on the job, Jason Bradley and Drew Gibson, along with fellow installers’ helpers Derek Bartulio, Tyrone Dickerson, and Tony McGill. The overall project manager was Steve Turner, while Conor Sweeney and Fran Barry handled the staging of materials, pre-assembly, planning, and engineering, and Jon Gordon served as the sales contact.

“I am so very proud to be associated with this team of dedicated people,” says Amramp President and Founder Julian Gordon. “Faneuil Hall is a perfect example of how historic buildings can remain functional for everyone all of mobility levels, especially when mechanical features like an elevator are not working. An Amramp wheelchair ramp works rain or shine, and especially well in snow, with a steel-mesh platform that disperses precipitation.”

Faneuil Hall is named after wealthy Boston merchant Peter Faneuil, who built the structure in 1742 as a gift to the city. Faneuil Hall, also known as Quincy Market, is home to more than 100 upscale shops, restaurants, and specialty pushcarts, but it’s also the spot where the original signers of the Declaration of Independence gathered from nearby Colonies before they started the big journey to Philadelphia in 1776. It has served as a gathering place for many famous historical figures over the centuries.

The ramp was built entirely from in-stock, standard Amramp materials, reflecting the huge range and capabilities of Amramp’s unique modular system, but also highlighting the skills and engineering expertise of Amramp’s expert installers.

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