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Amramp partners with Texas Boy Scout to make camp cabin accessible

When future Eagle Scout Joshua Price needed a service project, he decided to make a difference for his troop leader’s daughter, who uses a wheelchair. Her mother, a local camp director, and father would carry her in and out of the cabins, which were not handicap accessible. Seeking an Eagle Scout project that would help not only those he knew but also other campers with mobility issues, 17-year-old Joshua set out to change that.


A group of Boy Scouts in Fort Worth Texas work to install a wheelchair ramp. 


His project took two years of planning, stymied by “not being very good at measuring things,” Joshua explained. Another Scout mom, Renee Herman, had experience in construction management and social media. With Renee’s help, he kicked off his fundraising efforts on social media. After seeing a Tweet about the Eagle Scout project, Amramp President Julian Gordon wanted to help, too.


“I got my Eagle done faster than I ever expected, which is ironic because it was a day I had dreaded for so long, because of the measurements,” Joshua, below, shared.joshu_amramp_eagle_scout.jpg


“We worked with Joshua to get him the correct configuration and materials he needed to make the project ADA-compliant and safe,” said Leslie Morgan of Amramp of Dallas Fort Worth and Northern Texas.


On Saturday, February 27, 2016, close to 40 individuals arrived at Broadway Baptist Church campground on Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth, Texas, to help install the wheelchair ramp.


Wheelchair ramp pro installers Scott Hilleger, Kenny Dykes, Ryan Morgan, and Leslie Morgan of Amramp of Dallas Fort Worth and Northern Texas were only able to provide behind-the-scenes assistance. The DFW Amramp team of expert installers was given the task of taking pictures, since the Eagle project requires the candidate to be fully in charge. 


But the Amramp team made sure Joshua was well-prepared. “Prior to the installation, we sent Joshua installation videos and installer and end-user checklists as guides,” Leslie said.


The ADA-compliant ramp handles an elevation of 14 inches and includes a 5’x5′ platform, an 8-foot-section, a 4-foot-section, a bottom plate, a top plate, full rails, loops, a gate and a step.


“Leslie was awesome: Supportive and there to advise the whole time,” Joshua said. “She showed us how to unload and set pieces on the ground so they didn’t get muddy. The Amramp pros showed us how to assemble one of the platforms so we could do the rest by ourselves.”amramp_dallas_eagle_scout_2.jpg


“It would have taken far longer without them there … a multiday project,” Joshua shares. The end result was a safe and high-quality ramp that was properly installed. “We had so much help, the Scouts were able to work on other projects around the camp, like cementing signposts and cleaning out a fire pit that hadn’t been cleaned in years,” Joshua said.


“For the first time, those with mobility concerns will be able to enjoy the campground. And the Camp Director and Troop Leader’s 21-year-old daughter won’t have to be carried into a cabin ever again,” Leslie said.


“What I love about Amramp is being able to make such a big difference in people’s lives – freedom to go where you want, retaining one’s dignity and independence – most people don’t often think about these things until their mobility is compromised.” Leslie shares.


The finished ramp, installed alongside the camp cabin. 



“It’s especially meaningful,” Leslie continued, “to be able to work with a teen like Joshua, who not only helped so many people who need it but also for taking on a big challenge and leading it smoothly.”


Joshua’s Eagle Scout ceremony is set for June 4th.


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