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Amramp Pool Lift: Putting water therapies within reach

Make your swimming pool safe with a Pool Lift from Amramp and enjoy therapeutic benefits (and fun!)

In those “dog days of summer” when it gets stiflingly hot, one of the best places to cool off is in the water. Swimming is not only a refreshing source of fun and relaxation. Water therapies are also excellent forms of low-impact exercise, especially for wheelchair users and people who suffer from MS or fibromyalgia, and others for whom weight-bearing exercise is not advisable.

Unfortunately, getting in and out of a pool can be difficult, dangerous, or even impossible for those who struggle with mobility, if the pool is not properly equipped with lifts and/or ramps. The combination of hard surfaces and water leads to many accidents and drowning deaths each year in both children and adults of all levels of mobility. Because of this, the federal government recently revised regulations so that by March 2012, all pool facilities in the U.S. – both new and existing, commercial and government – must install a pool lift or a sloped entry for access. Some pools, if they have 300+ linear feet of pool wall, are required to provide two means of accessible entry.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 33% of all adults over 65 will experience a fall this year. Combined with swimming pool dangers, a home with a pool or spa can pose an even greater risk.

Amramp has recently introduced a new series of state-of-the-art pool lifts that will help to make swimming pools safer and easier for everyone.

Amramp lifts are:

  • Fully ADA-compliant, high-quality, and affordable
  • Completely portable units available, with no anchors required
  • Available in both residential and commercial models
  • Constructed from powder-coated stainless steel
  • Guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Able to lift up to 600 lbs. (certain models)
  • Available in both pool- and spa- lift models.

Benefits of swimming as therapeutic exercise

Swimming is not only fun and a great way to cool off – it also offers an ideal low-impact exercise. Benefits of swimming include:

  • A 90% reduction of impact on the body due to less gravity-based stress.
  • The body weighs only 1/10th of what it weighs on land, making it easier for those with weight strain or with injuries to raise their heart rate.
  • Muscle development and toning throughout the body from just a single workout.
  • It’s a form of exercise that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

If you – or a loved one – are unable to access your pool safely, then you are being deprived of the benefits of this highly therapeutic and fun form of exercise. You can make your home safer and your pool more enjoyable by installing an Amramp Pool Lift – call today for a free estimate at 800-715-7598 or visit our pool lifts page.

You shouldn’t hesitate to use your pool: A pool lift can ensure safety for everyone
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