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Using a wheelchair ramp for the first time – what to expect

Two elderly men, both smiling, one with a walker, standing on a ramp that leads to a white residential home.

What does it feel like to finally have the freedom to get out of your home after being stuck in a wheelchair for months?

Ask Frank in Tulsa! Now known as the happiest man on the planet.

Frank can finally walk out of his home’s front door for the first time with the feeling of safety and security using his brand new wheelchair ramp from Amramp Oklahoma.

Their son, had been provided a rental wheelchair ramp in Colorado and he was so impressed he chose Amramp when buying a one for his parents!

Amramp featured on WCVB News Made in Mass

Doug Meehan - WCVB. Made in Mass

With an aging population, many in their later years struggle with mobility issues. In fact, by some statistics, nearly one in every 200 people need some kind of accessible ramp for their home. In this segment of Made in Mass, Doug Meehan introduces us to Amramp Accessibility, a local company that has made its mission to help people find their forward.

      Guide for choosing a wheelchair ramp from Amramp, an accessibility company
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