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Amramp featured on WCVB News Made in Mass

Doug Meehan - WCVB. Made in Mass

With an aging population, many in their later years struggle with mobility issues. In fact, by some statistics, nearly one in every 200 people need some kind of accessible ramp for their home. In this segment of Made in Mass, Doug Meehan introduces us to Amramp Accessibility, a local company that has made its mission to help people find their forward.

Amramp Celebrates Determination: Warrior Games


From a grandmother who just wants to get out of the house and spend time with the family to a wounded veteran who wants to play sports again, “Finding Your Forward” has the same meaning; it’s the determination and will power to do what moves you into action despite what you think holds you back.

Amramp is Ready for Any Event

Pope Francis Walking Together

Organizers of Pope Francis’ first public mass in Canada chose Amramp to provide accessible platforms and steel ramps for the pontiff as he moved onto the stage at Commonwealth Stadium on July 26. “This is one of our larger events we’ve ever covered, and it was a privilege to be able to go out there … Read more

Exploring the Great Outdoors By Wheelchair

Exploring the Great Outdoors By Wheelchair

There is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to accessibility in the outdoors, and of course, wheelchair accessibility is just one facet of a much larger issue. But this summer, we are following the lead of travelers like Lee, and countless others , in seeing the many opportunities to explore outdoors on wheels. 

    Download this great guide for your clients to choose the ramp that best meets their needs.
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