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Can your wheelchair ramp stand up to wintertime safely?

Wintertime ramp safety inherent to Amramp’s wheelchair ramp design

Wintertime weather presents multiple obstacles for people who use wheelchairs or walking aids, such as metal walkers. Stability underfoot is key, which is why the non-skid surface of Amramp wheelchair ramps is a perfect choice for those who must deal with ice and snow.


This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere – even in the normally unsnowy South – Amramp’s most notable feature is its patented steel-mesh platform, which does not collect moisture, allowing rain and snow to fall through. 


Safe navigation of a ramp is important not only for those with disabilities but also for nurses and other caretakers coming to your home, such as your mail carrier or visitors. In Great Britain the estate of a man now deceased is being sued by a nurse who fell and injured herself on a wooden ramp that had been installed when the man needed a wheelchair in the final weeks of his life. The suit charged the ramp was a “danger to users” and constituted negligence on the part of the homeowner and his family. The grieving family was devastated when notified of the legal action.


This case underscores a truth that crosses the pond: We live in a litigious world. Wooden ramps collect snow and ice and can easily become a hazard for anyone using them. And portable, lightweight ramps do not offer adequate safety in the event of ice or snow. Even if you think no one else will use the ramp, you are liable for the safety of those visiting your home. This is particularly a problem for the homebound who clearly could not ensure their ramps would be shoveled, perhaps for a mail carrier who checks in to be sure all is well.


The safe operation of their ramps is paramount to Amramp. In addition to the grated surface, special paint and raised edges also make slips less likely.


Made in the U.S.A., Amramp is also noted for

Modular ramps that can be fitted to homes of all types


Extensive experience installing ramps at historic buildings.


Ramp rentals for a day, a week or longer, and also ramps for purchase


Most ramps can be installed with as little as 48 hours’ notice.


An Amramp ramp could be the safest part of your journey this winter.


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