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Happy Father’s Day to Amramp’s multigenerational team equipping California with mobility solutions

Father’s Day is a chance each year to celebrate and honor all of the dads, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers who have made an impact in our lives. Here at Amramp, we have a father-son team who work together to install wheelchair ramps, mobility solutions, and other accessibility products.

Brett McKee of Amramp Los Angeles enjoys working with his three sons: Brendan, 32, Patrick, 28, and Dylan, 25. The partnership started in 2007, when Brendan and Patrick were attending community college in LA. Their first installation jobs included a local credit union, a residential house in Long Beach, and a sorority house at San Diego State University, which rented a ramp for its rush week.

The business started off small but grew quickly, with the team soon installing ramps in Northern California from the LA warehouse. When Brendan and Dylan transferred to UC Santa Cruz in 2009, Brett decided to expand the business to Northern California, buying another truck and leasing more warehouse space. They relied on Google advertising and exhibiting at physical therapy and case management conferences to spread the word about the business and to attract new referrals.

After Dylan graduated from college in Washington state, he moved back home and became lead installer for the Southern California branch, where father Brett handles most of the sales and referral calls and emails for the business. The two California branches communicate daily and get together in-person about every two months. Brendan and Patrick do site evaluations, design proposals, and installations, but Brett’s job keeps him very busy – often working up to 60 hours a week. His sons enjoy a 25-40 hours/week schedule which leaves them time to pursue hobbies like music, gardening, mushroom hunting, and other interests.

Brett notes that working for Amramp has cultivated excellent skills in customer orientation, operations, logistics, proposal-writing, and juggling shifting priorities, in addition to construction projects, tools, and techniques. Occasionally a large job will require additional training and innovation, such as a major installation of 15-pool lifts in Escondido, CA, and a 41-foot ramp installed in Berkeley, CA, last week.

“I know I can count on my sons to take care of the customer,” says Brett, pointing out that all three are geared toward providing excellent customer service and treating clients with empathy. “They show commitment. Much of what we do is ‘emergency work’: customers being discharged and not having a safe way to get up the stairs if they are in a wheelchair or walker.”

Just last week, in fact, Brendan and Patrick drove to the Sierras to make sure a patient who was discharged could get safely into his home. Meanwhile, Dylan and another coworker drove to Boulder City, NV, and at 10 p.m. installed a ramp in the dark for a patient.

The McKee family is looking forward to a vacation at the end of the month: a weeklong visit to the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.

 Amramp wishes you and yours a very Happy Father’s Day!

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