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Home stair lifts: retain independence and comfort at home without sacrificing safety

Home stair lifts installed by Amramp accessibility experts


Much like people, no two homes are alike. They come in all shapes and sizes, from two floors to split-level and beyond. Likewise, different areas of the home serve very different functions — perhaps the ground level is your main living space, and the second floor is for sleeping and bathing.


No matter how your home is set up, it has to be functional for everyone living there. Unfortunately, that’s not possible when a resident has limited mobility and becomes unable to navigate stairs. After all, what good is an upstairs bedroom when you can’t get upstairs?


The stair lift experts at Amramp are here to ensure that’s a question you won’t have to answer. Amramp installs affordable stair lift to make your home (or business) completely accessible, no matter your needs.


10 reasons stair lifts are an excellent choice for total home mobility


  1. Safe
  2. Comfortable
  3. Easy-to-use
  4. Designed for independent use, with onboard and remote controls
  5. Practical, fold-up design
  6. Can be customized, and/or installed to fit curved staircases
  7. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, depending on where you need access
  8. Affordable
  9. Quickly and easily installed with no mess
  10. Restore freedom and independence in the home


Mike from Telford, Tennessee, wrote to Amramp about his experience with an Amramp-installed stair lift in the home.


He said, “I can get to the car, go to the mail box and let my dog out. The chair lift is so easy to use, and is not an eye sore. You did a great job measuring and planning the design. Your crew did a great job installing the chair…thanks again for your professionalism and attention to detail.”


It’s your home. Make sure you and your loved ones can enjoy it fully! The stair lift experts at Amramp can make your home completely accessible in days not weeks with an Amramp stair lift that is suitable for all types of spaces. Your health and mobility are paramount.


Wheelchair manufacturer and installer Amramp installs innovative accessibility products, including the ADA–compliant, patented modular ramp system. On-site estimates are free and installation is generally within days, often within 24 hours.


For more about Amramp’s wheelchair ramp and aging-in-place products and services, or free on-site estimates, please contact Amramp’s National Customer Service Center at 888-715-7598.


Home is where the heart is, not where frustration should live

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Please contact Amramp’s National Customer Service Center 888-715-7598


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