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Inside Amramp’s Limited Mobility Veteran Housing Projects with Allen Cates

Amramp franchise owner Allen Cates unwaveringly serves North and South Carolina residents who are facing mobility issues and would like to stay in their homes or are eager to return home after recovery from an accident, injury, or illness. 

Cates and his mobility expert crew cross both South and North Carolina:

  • Charlotte, Greensboro/Winston-Salem, Asheville, Gastonia, Concord, Rock Hill
  • Low Country areas of Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Beaufort, Hilton Head 
  • Upstate including Greenville/Spartanburg 
  • Everywhere in-between like Columbia and Aiken. 


Meet Amramp franchise owner Allen Cates

As a child, he moved around a lot with his dad, who worked for Pepsi. They lived in Canada and the UK, and Cates went to Manchester Business School in England before he settled in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

He got his start in banking, spending over a decade in mortgages and finance with Bank of America. However, after so much time in the big, cold corporate world, he felt that it was time to start pursuing more fulfilling opportunities. That’s how he got involved with Amramp — a business that he could help grow, where he could fulfill his drive to help others every single day.

“Everyday that we put in a wheelchair ramp or stairlift, I’m so happy about it,” said Cates. “It does improve that person’s life, either short-term or long-term.”

The prospect of running a franchise never intimidated him. From a technical and financial perspective, Cates could confidently rely on his proven track record with earnings. He was also, and continues to be, enthusiastic about Amramp’s work with veterans. (Link — veterans) 


Last wish brings veteran home

Amramp’s projects with veterans have changed people’s lives. One man in his 80s was in rehab in Nashville while his home’s construction was underway. He didn’t have long to live, and his wife didn’t want him to spend his remaining time in a hospital. In the end, he was able to spend the last seven months of his life in his own home, with his family.


Bonding with a vet needing a proper bed

There was another veteran who was sleeping on a family member’s couch for a few years: Even with a stairlift, he wasn’t able to access the upper floor bedrooms. After Cates and his team finished his project, he finally got his own living quarters with all the amenities he needed — namely, room for a bed. He was depressed when the contractors left, however. As often happens, they all formed a bond. 


VA home modifications are not like typical contracting jobs

The VA home modifications feel more significant to the team as well as to the veterans. The essence of these projects is that they are allowing veterans to have basic functionality that is taken for granted by everyone else, which is a beautiful thing that the Amramp North and South Carolina installers get to do. 

“The amazing thing is talking to so many people who need help. In every small town in America, there are multiple vets and families with other needs who may not be getting support. I spend more time thinking about those we don’t help,” Cates said. 

The VA is supporting tens of thousands of veterans with in-home support and visiting care, and special housing grants. They do an incredible job, and Cates and the rest of the Amramp team love working with Veterans Affairs. Cates and the Amramp North and South Carolina crew are happy to be part of the solution, helping people who genuinely need it. 


Helping veterans stay safe and comfortable at home

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