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Largest occupational therapy conference welcomes Amramp

Drawing attendees from across the globe, the American Occupational Therapy Conference and Expo looks to the future of client care and educational requirements

Amramp will be exhibiting its accessibility products at the  Annual Conference and Expo of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). The AOTA represents the interests of occupational therapists and students of occupational therapy across the country. As political advocates, education career training proponents, the AOTA acts as a platform for sharing news and information from the field.  

This year’s conference in New Orleans is all about connecting colleagues from across the world. They will sharr their techniques and perspectives and learn together. The AOTA conference is the biggest of its kind, with more than 1,600 sessions. There will be some incredible guest speakers, including:

AOTA Conference, 2019


In addition to these expert and inspirational speakers, there will also be a number of other can’t-miss sessions and opportunities, such as:

  • Private practice workshops– designed to help occupational therapists discover the tricks to breaking out on their own
  • An Ask Your AOTA Expert kiosk– where attendees can ask questions and get advice one-on-one
  • Conversations That Matter lounge sessions– where topics will be explored in a more casual, interactive setting
  • More educational sessions than you can count!

There will of course also be the Expo Hall, where attendees can see all the latest products in occupational therapy and learn about new opportunities. Amramp will exhibit its wide range of accessibility solutions — from stair lifts to grab bars . They are all designed to help patients in a transitional phase in their lives, as well as support occupational therapists in their work. Amramp works with patients and clients to make life as easy to navigate as possible.

Join us in New Orleans for a weekend of fun, and make sure to stop by the Amramp booth!


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