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Providing Patients and Insurers with Wheelchair Ramps

 Until you’re in the situation of needing a wheelchair ramp installed, and quickly, you probably wouldn’t know the hoops and layers of insurance involved.

Health insurance agents, often simultaneously juggling 100 or 125 cases, oversee patients’ in-home care, wheelchair ramps being one example.

Deborah Vanlandingham of Amramp in Tampa, who was a case manager, knows the uphill battle her former colleagues face everyday and shares her experiences with her current colleagues: 40 locally owned Amramp franchisees across the United States.

“When the case manager issues the order, we can have a steel ramp system installed – in time for someone who’s being released from a hospital or health care facility – generally within 24 to 48 hours,” Vanlandingham said.

Handling claims from across the country, agency administrator Stephanie Smith oversaw hundreds of home-access cases last year, more than 50 percent involving catastrophic injuries, often work-related.

 “We have patients with paraplegic, quadraplegic, and tetraplegic diagnoses,” Smith said. “To most people, it’s just a wheelchair ramp. But to these accident victims, it’s the difference between being home with their families and living at a rehabilitation facility or nursing home.”

 “Amramp goes a long way, above and beyond pricing,” she continued. “If we can’t get the ramp placed for three weeks, we’re not doing the patient or the homeowner any good. Amramp helps make the patient the priority. We once needed a ramp that was over 100 feet; three of the independent franchisees worked together to get ramp installed in a timely fashion.”

In other cases, Amramp’s patented steel ramp systems replace previous construction due to improper installation or material failure, as happens with wooden ramps in tropical climates such as Florida.

“Amramp installed three modular ramps in one day,” said Kara Ouelette, a case manager in DeSoto County, Florida. “FEMA put in wooden ramps that rotted within one year, leaving people stranded inside their houses for fear of an accident while using the rotted ramps.”

Ouelette recalled: “The joy on the patient’s face made up for all the bad days I’ve had all year long! He can get outside, visit friends. I am so proud for my tiny part in restoring his freedom.  And, a special thanks to Deborah Vanlandingham and her Amramp staff for the large part they played.”

Here at Amramp, we are proud to partner with insurance agents in their mission to best serve patients. We offer a fast, easy and safe solution to improve people’s lives.  Amramp is a national organization with local, factory-trained professionals and with local inventory located throughout the country. To learn more about Amramp’s modular steel wheelchair ramp system, please fill out the form to the left or call us toll-free at 888-715-7598.

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