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Self-Advocacy and clear communication are essential to receiving good care

Marie Connelly is a Complete Patient Advocate who relies on her 35+ years of experience in the medical field to guide her clients through a complicated – and often overwhelming – medical system to help them find the best care possible for their situations.

Marie not only knows the process at a professional level; her husband suffered a brain hemorrhage last year, and she learned firsthand the challenges and factors involved for anyone trying to find the best, most affordable care for someone they care for who’s in a stressful situation.

Patient Advocacy is a growing field, but since not everyone can afford the services of a professional Patient Advocate, Marie has some advice that you can use to better communicate needs and concerns with hospital staff, physicians, therapists, and other medical professionals.

Communication is key to self-advocacy

 Marie says that there are many things one can do to self-advocate and improve the quality of care received.

All hospitals are required by law to have a Patient Advocate on the staff:

  1. Take advantage of Patient Advocate services.
  2. Ask lots and lots of questions.

 If your family is far away

  1. Encourage them to be with you for important appointments.
  2. Make sure there is someone involved who is not afraid to stand up to a doctor or an insurance company.
  3. It doesn’t matter who it is – a friend, relative, neighbor, professional advocate – but someone needs to be able to do this if the patient is unable to.

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