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Spending More Time at Home? Take Steps to Be Safe

For over a year now, many Americans have spent a great deal of time at home due to lockdowns that were implemented at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as continuing efforts to stay safe by isolating from other individuals as much as possible.

During this time, many people throughout the country have made changes in their lives to ensure the safety of loved ones such as bringing an elderly parent to live in one’s home versus living in a nursing home. Or, in cases where an elderly person is still living in their home, many of them and their families have decided that aging in place is the best choice to ensure a loved one’s continued health and safety.

Whether your home is a place where multi-generational living has brought elderly or family members with mobility challenges together, or if a loved one has decided to age in place, your local Amramp representative can evaluate any residence to ensure it is as accessible and functional as possible.

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Aging in Place

Aging in place occurs when modifications are made to an individual’s living space that allow them to remain safe and self-sufficient at home. This can be a very practical solution for people who want to remain independent as they age and have limited or manageable health issues but are able to accomplish the activities of daily living with little assistance.

As COVID-19 continues to impact our lives, a primary concern related to aging in place centers on people who have caregivers coming into the home as well as limited oversight of the individual’s adherence to social distancing protocols.

One of the first steps to ensure the success of aging in place is to find a trusted professional accessibility expert, preferably a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), who can evaluate your home to determine what changes are needed to make the living space accessible. The CAPS designation offers reassurance that they will advise you about the choices that will help you stay in your home safely and securely, while making your life more accessible.

This includes modifications such as wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, grab bars and safety railings, a walk-in shower, and establishing a bathroom and/or bedroom on a home’s first floor. Other steps that can be taken include increasing ease of use related to appliances and other task-oriented items like lever-style door and faucet handles, and – in some cases – voice-activated smart technologies to help maintain safety and independence at home.

Amramp can evaluate your home to recommend a range of accessibility solutions and our experts follow the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as local zoning laws. Amramp’s Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) are trained by the National Association of Home Builders on ADA regulations and we have extensive training and experience adapting homes for aging in place and multi-generational living.

Multi-Generational Living

Multi-generational living occurs when a loved one moves in to live with a member of the family, which includes when an aging parent or parents begin living in an adult child’s home. This can be a mutually beneficial solution for individuals who are aging and have health issues that require care and monitoring by family members rather than using outside assistance. It also enables family members to more closely monitor an elderly person’s behavior and activities.

Similar to the aging in place model, Amramp can help families who have recently begun multi- generational living by creating accessibility solutions in bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and other modifications or adaptive equipment added to the home, depending on each individual’s mobility challenges.

Find a Trusted Professional

At Amramp, we have worked with many customers who conducted the same due diligence before hiring us that they did when searching for a doctor, a financial advisor, and other important professionals. Additionally, we recommend that people should consider hiring an accessibility solutions expert to be a decision that establishes a long-term relationship and is not just a single project expense.

Amramp’s accessibility experts are CAPS certified and can evaluate any home to determine what changes are needed to make the living space accessible. The CAPS designation offers reassurance that we will advise you about the choices that will help you stay in your home safely and securely, while making your life more accessible.

Amramp offers free virtual or on-site home evaluations to determine the best possible accessibility solutions to meet your needs. Take advantage of Amramp’s FREE evaluation to review your needs and lay out a remodeling plan by calling 888-715-7598 or send an email to

About CAPS Certification

This designation is offered by The Remodelers Council of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in collaboration with the NAHB Research Center, NAHB Seniors Housing Council and AARP. The designation was developed to address the needs of consumers who want to make their house a home for a lifetime. CAPS is the most highly recognized and trusted certification in the U.S., especially for home modifications and is supported by AARP. The AARP recommends that members look for vendors with CAPS certification when making modifications to their homes.

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