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Temporary wheelchair ramps make holiday gatherings safe, worry-free

Relax and celebrate this cherished time of year with your loved one, despite age and declining health complications. Amramp’s temporary wheelchair ramp rentals – as short as one day – and quick installs continue your traditions.

Sadly, most homes shut out our loved ones, an increasing problem with an aging population that’s growing fast and more elders using wheelchairs and walking aids.

For extended families with large traditional gatherings, hosting holiday dinners poses challenges for the homeowner, the guests, and – most of all – the loved one who perhaps is now living in an assisted living facility or long-term solution. Much as you’d like to “get them out” for just one day, you fear further jeopardizing your loved one’s health and well-being.

Oftentimes elders living far from their children will hesitate to make a trip because of lack of mobility when they leave familiar surroundings.  A temporary modular wheelchair ramp rental from Amramp can solve the problem. The steel ramps are secure and can be placed easily at an entrance to a private home. Because they are modular, they can adapt to any style home.

Amramp’s patent-pending steel wheelchair ramps can be purchased or rented even for just one day. Amramp’s 43 locations nationwide take pride in installing modular ramps, within 48 hours in most cases.

How familiar is this story to you?  Do stairs, hills, and distance threaten your loved one’s safety and dampen the holiday cheer?

      Guide for choosing a wheelchair ramp from Amramp, an accessibility company
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