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Wheelchair Ramp Safety in Snow: Amramp-Grip Surface

Amramp’s Patented Wheelchair Ramp Surface Improves Safety and Accessibility in Wintery Conditions

It’s all over the news; blizzards and winter storms are really taking their toll on parts of the U.S. Winter Storm Nemo walloped the Northeast earlier this month, setting historic records as it took down trees, caused power outages for entire cities, and dumped up to 40 inches of snow in certain areas. Parts of the upper Midwest were also blasted by blizzards in December, and another round of winter storms will be heading that way soon, even as residents in the Northeast are still bogged under mounds of heavy snow.

Despite Punxsutawney Phil’s optimistic Groundhog Day predictions that spring will be arriving soon this year, it is always best to take the necessary precautions to ensure that winter weather does not create slippery, unsafe conditions for those with mobility issues.

A wheelchair ramp still needs to be a means of safe entry and exit, especially in snow and other severe weather conditions.

Amramp’s strong, durable steel ramps are made with patented Amramp-Grip technology, featuring an open mesh surface that allows water to pass through to prevent dangerous and slippery ice film from forming. The raised edge of the surface also makes it easier for wheelchair wheels to grip, allowing for safer navigation. Other ramps created by other companies made from aluminum, wood, or concrete have solid surfaces, which allow moisture to accumulate and ice over in below-freezing temperatures. The Amramp-Grip technology is unique, and it offers the most slip-resistant surface available on the market today.

Only the Amramp-Grip surface does not accumulate water, the ramps are at an incline, so rain, snow, and ice can still make ramp usage more difficult or potentially more slippery than usual. You will want to use common sense and caution as you factor in treacherous weather conditions.

Recommended Snow & Ice Removal Tips for Wheelchair Ramps

It is very important that you do NOT use salt de-icer on your Amramp ramp. We recommend using a broom or a plastic shovel to clear off your ramp, or purchase an approved liquid de-icer, available locally or through Amramp. (Please consult your local Amramp ramp expert for more information)

Amramp is proud to offer our customers the safest ramps currently available for all weather conditions.

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Amramp’s Patented Wheelchair Ramp Surface Improves Safety and Accessibility in Wintery Conditions

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