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Wheelchair Ramps Make Elections and Voting Locations Accessible

Los Angeles County has made a great effort by installing wheelchair ramps to assure all voters can exercise their right to vote on election day.

The city set lofty goals – 100% participation of eligible voters in all elections, 100% polling place accessibility, and options for all voters who seek independent and private voting.

They contacted Brett McKee, of Amramp Los Angeles, a local provider of wheelchair ramps. Amramp, America’s leading wheelchair ramp helped the city to reach the goal to remove barriers that would prevent voters from getting to the polls to cast their votes.

McKee and the Amramp Installation Team of Dylan McKee and Sam Shriver are installing 15 wheelchair ramps at 13 different polling locations across the County for the June 8 Election starting Thursday, June 03, 2010.  The 15 ramps total 344 feet of ramp and platform footage.  Wheelchair ramp slope is determined by using the rise or height and calculating the distance of the wheelchair ramp needed.  For every inch of rise, a ramp of 12 inches is needed to achieve a reasonable slope that a person using a wheelchair or walker can navigate.

Cities where wheelchair ramps will be installed include Carson, Granada Hills, Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, South Gate, Torrance and Valley Village.

Each of these steel modular wheelchair ramps is made from 100% recycled and recyclable steel. It takes a few hours to install a wheelchair ramp. These 15 wheelchair ramps are being installed over the weekend before the Tuesday election. They were all rented and will now be taken down and returned to inventory rather than going to a landfill with no damage to the property or the environment.

Amramp, offers a fast, easy and safe wheelchair ramp solution to improve people’s lives.  Amramp is a national organization with local, factory-trained professionals and with local inventory throughout the country. To learn more about Amramp’s modular steel wheelchair ramp system, please fill out the form to the left or call us toll-free at 888-715-7598

When you're looking for accessibility products, you need a company with experience. Amramp is familiar with the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as local zoning laws.

Certified Aging in Place Speciliasts (CAPS) are trained by the National Association of Home Builders on remodeling and retrofitting existing homes for special needs.

Amramp can evaluate any home to determine what changes are needed to make the living space as accommodating as possible in the years ahead.

Check out Amramp’s full line of accessibility solutions or take advantage of Amramp’s FREE evaluation to review your needs and lay out a plan that is right for you by calling 888-715-7598 or emailing to [email protected].

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