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Wheelchair ramps: Should I rent or buy?

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Renting vs. buying wheelchair ramps: Amramp’s handy checklist makes it easy

The decision whether to buy or rent a wheelchair ramp can be confusing, but Amramp offers options to suit every situation. An overall rule of thumb to follow is: If the ramp will only be used for six months or less, then it is more economical to rent than to buy. More than six months? Buying is the way to go.

If you’re still not sure which timeframe your scenario fits into, below is a checklist of common uses for ramps and whether it makes more sense to rent or buy a wheelchair ramp, depending on your situation.

Renting a ramp is preferable when:

  • The individual is injured and only requires short-term rehabilitation. Sometimes injuries are temporarily debilitating, and medical professionals expect that full mobility will return.
  • The space you’re in is transitional or a rental property. Landlords may not be willing to foot the bill to install a permanent ramp, so a rental ramp can be the answer.
  • Construction is impeding use of your normal ADA-compliant access. Often renovations require rerouting, yet buildings must remain accessible. Amramp can accommodate your needs, as it did for Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall during elevator upgrades.
  • It’s clearly an end-of-life or hospice situation, and you know that your loved one or the patient will not be with you for many more months or years.
  • You have houseguests visiting with mobility challenges and are looking to accommodate them during their stay, or if
  • You are planning a special event such as a wedding, awards ceremony, graduation, family reunion, election, or any other type of major gathering.

Amramp rents and can have your wheelchair ramp installed for as little as a day, and it is fully ADA-compliant.

Buying a ramp is preferable when

  • You or the individual in question owns the home/property and wants to make it permanently accessible for many years to come, or
  • You know that it will be in use more than six months of the year.

The best part of the Amramp system is that it gives you flexibility to decide what works best. Our franchise teams will respond within 24 hours of a request to set up a time to do a site visit, and installation is quick and efficient—usually within 24-48 hours after receiving your approval, since building permits are not required.

Amramp’s rent-to-buy offer

Although this checklist covers most common situations requiring a wheelchair ramp, it can still be tough to plan for every possible variable. The good news is there is no minimum rental period for an Amramp ramp: If you are not sure how long you’ll need it, then we recommend renting it until you are able to make a more definite decision. If you do decide to purchase, 75% of the rental fee will be converted toward your purchase price.

Rental costs vary depending on the length of the ramp and rental time, but there is nothing to lose by calling Amramp to arrange a free evaluation and estimate—even if you only need the ramp for one day!

Wheelchair ramps for renting and buying with installation by a local expert

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When you're looking for accessibility products, you need a company with experience. Amramp is familiar with the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as local zoning laws.

Certified Aging in Place Speciliasts (CAPS) are trained by the National Association of Home Builders on remodeling and retrofitting existing homes for special needs.

Amramp can evaluate any home to determine what changes are needed to make the living space as accommodating as possible in the years ahead.

Check out Amramp’s full line of accessibility solutions or take advantage of Amramp’s FREE evaluation to review your needs and lay out a plan that is right for you by calling 888-715-7598 or emailing to [email protected].

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