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Be stroke-smart: prevention, symptoms, support

May is National Stroke Awareness Month — the perfect time for brushing up on your knowledge about stroke symptoms, how to respond if you’re witnessing a stroke, and how to support a loved one who is returning home after a stroke.


Stroke Symptoms


Familiarizing yourself with stroke symptoms is key to recognizing them and acting quickly if you happen to witness them. Stroke symptoms come on very suddenly, without warning. What to look for: Some of the most common stroke symptoms, according to the CDC:

  • Weakness or numbness on one side of the body, including the face, arm, or leg
  • Difficulty speaking or slurred speech
  • Confusion
  • Vision problems
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of balance
  • Coordination trouble
  • Severe headache


Stroke Response


Time is of the essence when it comes to stroke response. The faster you can intervene when someone is experiencing stroke symptoms, the better. If time is on your side, the outcome for the stroke victim improves dramatically. Remember the acronym “FAST” when deciding how to act in the face of common stroke symptoms.


FAST stands for:

  • FACE: Look for drooping one on side of the face
  • ARM: Does one drift downward?
  • SPEECH: Is speech slurred or distorted?
  • TIME: Call 911 right away if you notice these symptoms


Stroke Recovery


As difficult as a stroke is on the stroke victim, it also takes a toll on their loved ones and caretakers, and can change life significantly. Depending on the severity of the stroke, the victim’s quality of life can be impacted —either temporarily or permanently. They may need to have their living space modified to better meet their needs, and make it easier to safely navigate around their home. To get started, visit Amramp’s helpful guide for preparing the home for a stroke survivor here.


Other helpful online resources include the Careliving Guide from the experts at stroke.org.


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