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Patient Recognition Week: Celebrating the Importance of Accessibility In Healthcare

Shot of a doctor examining a patient with a stethoscope during a consultation in a clinic.

Patient Recognition Week is an annual event that is dedicated to recognizing and honoring patients, caretakers, and healthcare providers who are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals, including those living with disabilities. This week-long celebration provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the challenges faced by patients, and to consider the ways in which we can help to make their lives easier and more accessible.

Accessible Hobbies for People with Disabilities

Two mean in wheelchairs laugh together as they prepare for a game of wheelchair basketball together.

January is National Hobby Month, a time to celebrate the joys of having a hobby and the benefits that come with it. Hobbies are a great way to stay active, learn new skills, and improve mental and physical well-being. However, not all hobbies are accessible to everyone, especially those with disabilities. That’s why at Amramp, we’re passionate about promoting accessible hobbies that anyone can enjoy.

Bathroom Safety Tips For People With Disabilities

Elderly Asian woman uses grab bars in accessible bathroom

January is National Bath Safety Month, so Amramp is reminding everyone of the importance of bathroom safety. This is especially important for people with disabilities.

The Importance of Handrails on Wheelchair Ramps

The Northern NJ Amramp team installed this accessibility ramp in front of a client's home.

Do you know the importance of handrails on wheelchair ramps? Handrails are crucial for people with disabilities, as they can help them feel safe and secure when using a ramp. Handrails also provide a barrier between the wheelchair and the edge of the ramp, preventing anyone from accidentally falling off the ramp. If you’re unsure … Read more

Using a wheelchair ramp for the first time – what to expect

What does it feel like to finally have the freedom to get out of your home after being stuck in a wheelchair for months? Ask Frank in Tusla!

What does it feel like to finally have the freedom to get out of your home after being stuck in a wheelchair for months?

Ask Frank in Tulsa! Now known as the happiest man on the planet.

Frank can finally walk out of his home’s front door for the first time with the feeling of safety and security using his brand new wheelchair ramp from Amramp Oklahoma.

Their son, had been provided a rental wheelchair ramp in Colorado and he was so impressed he chose Amramp when buying a one for his parents!

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