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This Map Helps You Find Wheelchair Accessible Places In London

An accessible London opens up before your eyes. Image: WheelmapGetting around London is tough enough — but for the 2% of UK residents who use a wheelchair (not to mention millions of tourists and other visitors), there are even more obstacles in the way of a smooth experience.

Does Aging-In-Place Work? What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us.

Is aging-in-place really the right decision? Or, put another way, does it “work”? Is it the right path for us all to take as we age, or would we be better off if we moved somewhere more suitable — a single-level house, or a condo in an elevator building, or a home near public transportation, or any of the communities designed for older adults?

App Helps Drivers With Disabilities Fuel Up

Even though gas is very expensive right now, most people take for granted the simple act of going to the gas station and quickly filling up, but for those in the disabled community, getting gas is more than just a quick trip. It requires plenty of planning. “Driving is freedom. You don’t realize the freedom … Read more

Expert Tips For Minimizing Your Fall Risk At Home

Risk factors of falls may include intrinsic factors like physical or mental dysfunctions, impaired vision and hearing, and age-related changes, as well as extrinsic factors like medications, one’s living environment and improper use of assistive devices. With the help of their health care providers, older adults and their caregivers can take an active role in … Read more

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