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Disabled Teacher Instructs First-Graders About Disability

There’s a direct frankness to the way 6-year-olds see the world that would be easy to mistake for rudeness. But Daija Coleman knows better. On the first day of her first year as a first-grade teacher, Coleman knew her Jardine Elementary School students would be curious. Why was she in a wheelchair? Because her legs don’t work quite like theirs. Why did they always have to take the big ramp connecting the school’s first and second floors? Same reason.

Accessible Festivals Grant Program Offers Free Tickets

Accessible Festivals Grant Program Offers Free Tickets

In 2007 Austin Whitney was injured in a car accident that severed his spinal cord and paralyzed him from the waist down. After eight months battling depression and anxiety about living with a disability, he attended Coachella, his first music festival, and had a transformative experience.

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