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To Recover At Home

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The Best Place to Heal is Home

The American Stroke Association reports that 40 percent of stroke survivors experience moderate to severe impairments that require special care at home after a stay in a rehabilitation facility.

Research indicates that home may be the best place for stroke survivors to speed up their recovery. The sooner a patient can return to familiar surroundings the better, researchers say. However, not all homes are properly equipped to accommodate a patient returning home after a stroke.

Recovering from a stroke can be a lengthy process that requires planning, patience, hard work, and commitment on the part of the patient, family and caregivers. A safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment and home life can encourage an optimistic outlook toward recovery.

Amramp offers some suggestions to create an accessible living space for stroke survivors who are experiencing impaired motor function and balance issues. These tips can help stroke survivors to thrive and regain as much independence as possible, while also providing ways for them to be included in family activities. Before a patient is discharged from rehab, it is recommended that their caregivers consult with a home modification professional who can work with your rehabilitation team to create a plan for your specific needs. Amramp’s accessibility experts are CAPS certified and have training and experience on adapting homes for aging in place and special needs. We can also work with your rehabilitation team before discharge to provide the home modifications that are specific to your needs.

Don’t forget to provide accessible indoor and outdoor exercise and recreational areas as well. Access to multiple floors and outdoor areas of the home can help stroke survivors maintain hobbies such as gardening, exercise routines, and to simply be outside to enjoy the fresh air.

Please click below to download our paper on 15 Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible.

Accessible Home Tips for Stroke Survivors

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The Amramp teams across the country have accessibility experience and are familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines and local zoning laws. Take advantage of a FREE evaluation to review your needs and lay out a remodeling plan.

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